Gary Greenfield

Dr. Gary R. Greenfield is the owner and President of SPA. He is a retired Army Colonel and has over thirty years of experience as a psychologist.  He began his Army career as an Infantry Officer in Vietnam.  Continuing his Army service after the Vietnam War, he studied psychology and mental health at Towson University and The Johns Hopkins University.  As an Army Psychologist, he distinguished himself as a leader and innovator.  While serving at William Beaumont Army Medical Center he created a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Community Psychology/Mental Health.  Building on his Infantry background, Gary was then brought into the Special Operations Community serving as the Command Psychologist for the Army’s premier Special Operations Unit. Gary’s last assignment was as the first Command Psychologist to the Army Special Operations Command and as the first Operational Psychology Consultant to the Surgeon General.

Morgan Banks

Morgan Banks, Ph.D., is the Director of Operations for SPA. He is a psychologist and retired Colonel in the United States Army and has worked for many of our clients and alongside our distinguished personnel for decades. He retired in 2011 from the Army after 37 years of service, with over 27 of those years as an Operational Psychologist. For much of that time he was assigned to US Army Special Operations organizations. Dr. Banks helped establish the Army’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Program and the psychological screening program for US Army Special Forces personnel. For over a decade, he was responsible for the staff oversight of all Army Special Operations Psychologists. Prior to his retirement Dr. Banks was the Army’s and US SOCOM’s senior psychologist.

Kathryn Greenfield

Kathryn “Katie” Greenfield is the Personnel Director of Special Psychological Applications, Inc., is a Licensed Psychological Associate, and possesses a TS security clearance. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Elon University in 2000. After graduation, she gained several years of Human Resources experience in the corporate world, including one year in Barcelona, Spain, prior to pursuing her master’s degree. In 2008, she earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Health Psychology from Appalachian State University, specializing in neuropsychological assessments. Katie has been employed by Special Psychological Applications since 2004. Her key responsibilities are: acting as the liaison between customers and subcontractors; managing/staffing all work requests from our customers; coordinating all travel plans for subcontractors, which abide by all JFTR provisions; administering all personnel functions to support subcontractors; processing invoices via each client’s preferred platform; conducting payroll; and, on occasion, administering psychological assessment batteries to candidates being screened for our clients.