Specialized Training and Education

SPA provides support to various training programs within the US Army and Navy, in addition to graduate level education for operational psychologists in several venues. Although most of this support is provided to our government clients, we also offer similar capabilities to our corporate clients.

  • Much of our training support involves teaching service members how to utilize knowledge of human behavior in support of military operations.  We provide this training in extremely austere environments and tailor each program to the actual requirements of the government. For example, we teach both classroom instruction and hands on practical exercises with the focus on understanding and using social psychology to support military operations. We also teach how to establish rapport, and how to use personal and social influence in diverse cultures and circumstances to support our national security. This can be as varied as helping US personnel establish a relationship with an allied country‚Äôs soldiers in order to teach them military skills, to how to work effectively with military and civilian leaders of other countries.
  • We provide classroom education in the use and impact of psychology in a variety of programs for military personnel. For instance, some of our psychologists provide education on the psychological factors that can lead to abuse in stressful settings, such as high-risk training, detention settings, and even the precursors and variables associated with harassment of enlisted personnel.
  • We provide post graduate level continuing education for psychologists in a variety of areas. This includes both intensive lessons in general ethical practice in operational psychology, but also in the ethical practice of operational psychology in specific sensitive